-m. proust



September 2015

99 miles to everywhere

August 2015

Cape Fear

Palazzo Pizza

July 2015

Happily Ever Leica

May 2015

Getting back on the horse

February 2015

Nobody likes us but us

East Egg

December 2014

Hindsight is 20/20

October 2014

Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man

September 2014

Ramble On

August 2014

Happy Birthday Big Guy

A Doll's House

July 2014

Ms. Bed-Stuy 2014

Sun so hot, I froze to death

June 2014

It felt like we lived 24 hours in 1 day

The Floating Farmhouse

Trying to get back to Oyster Bay

May 2014

9 to 5

March 2014

Tale as old as time

Alone on an acropolis

February 2014

A model of a palace lifestyle

A train over water a plane over land

However far away

January 2014

Labor of Love

Polar Opposites

Looking backwards

November 2013

We are headed to the tropics

We cut our teeth on corvettes

October 2013

However far away

Baby you're a sparkler

September 2013

Cabin in the woods

August 2013

Strangers in a familiar land

July 2013

Glitter Cannon

You do the best with what you got

2 months underground

June 2013

100s at the track

Not dead, just sleeping

March 2013

California by day, new york at night

Bugs in bacteria from rugs

The Weather Underground

February 2013

Come hell or high water

January 2013

Everything is purple

You were and are

December 2012

3 Men In A Tub

Ridgewood Gothic

November 2012

A Banana Trap

Orange Julius

Journey to the edge of the world

Strung Up Lantern Lights and Wildfires

Best Waterfowl in Show

Slipped and fell

October 2012

Stolen scotch tape

Inappropriate Firedrills


September 2012


In the market for an Indian summer

August 2012

Dog Days

You're gonna be mine I know it, we'll do it in style

July 2012

Exotic Fish/Custom Tanks

It will take time I know it, but in a while

I have a Bently with a vanity plate

Fly Away Home

Take me down the freeway like a bullet to the ocean

June 2012

Sweet potato pie and I shut my mouth

A memory is never finished as long as your alive

Down and out in new york city

And she was my immunity

May 2012

I find great comfort in you

Time to cirlce the wagons

Hell in a handbasket

Me and my boo and my boo boo riding

April 2012

Lump Sum Lottery

Solo Dolo

Culture Shock

He's Bonafied

Tornados in Texas Today

The Night Terrors

Rented pants and rented shoes

I'm gonna hug your neck

March 2012

I'll make you hang around a while

South with the boys of summer

Gold capped teeth and temples

Jungle juice in the jungle

I saw her today at the reception

Variations on the last model

Romance in Durango

Convex chest is more apt I think

Depeche Mode stuck in our heads

Auditory Hallucinations

Buddy Holly sang Rave On

A train named the hurricane

Public Water Works

Good luck pennies

February 2012

There is a bus in the backyard

Saint George and the Dragon

Mockingbirds and fish sticks

Aren't you a cool drink of water

January 2012

A Silence of the Lambs Christmas Special

North Pole

Warm Winter Catch Up

One little indian left all alone

Four little indians going out to sea

December 2011

Eight little indians traveling in Devon

Ten little indians locked in a room

We wore our Sunday best

Burning matches, lifting latches

He gave to Rosanna his yellow bandana

A basement in the city of lights

November 2011

You have a lead foot and I have a lead belly

Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed

A large rabbit hole under the hedge

From one wilderness to another

Amphibious landing

Train cars and Steel Wheels

October 2011

The land before time

It's a long way to get past Newark

Long shoremen

Indian Summer

Picnics always begin so innocent

The Cat on the end of the Jetty

Sanctuary with a first and second floor

$5 on the Juke Box at Cherry Tavern

Hopper's House


September 2011

The death of the barrow gang

Staying cool in city fountains

Madeleine goes to the city

Midtown Lunches

Side by Side

August 2011


Fish Jewels

The Offshore Pirate

City Boys and Dosa

July Escap(ad)e

Annie Hall in the kitchen

July 2011

Batman Likes Tequila

The Metropolitan Octopus

Doctor, Doctor give me the news!



Come to the edge of the sea with me

Bash the belrog

I made a birthday wish

Washed up shoes

Sea Side Dominos

June 2011


Conway Chickens

Down below

How did we keep it a secret?

The Bamboo Grove